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Cultural activity


An intensive cultural life is going on in the museum: literary-musical evening parties, concerts, exhibitions and other events are arranged there, memorable dates are commemorated. The museum collaborates with other Lithuanian and foreign museums, education and culture institutions, nongovernmental organisations, carries out enlightening and educating activities.

Exhibitions on Pushkin‘s life and creative work, cherishing his memory, his contemporaries, Markuchiai district are arranged at the museum‘s room from time to time. Catalogues of such exhibitions are issued.

The most famous Lithuanian actors and soloists – V. Jefremov, N.Ambrazaityte, V.Prudnikov, V.Noreika, A.Berba, S.Janchaite, L.Nazarenko, R.Alechnovich, and others, actors from Latvia L.Lencas and S.Vidiakina were on a visit to the museum‘s sitting-room.

Since the year 2001, the Literary museum of A.Pushkin‘s and the Society of Admirers of the Poet A. Pushkin are organising a contest of amateur art activities “My Alexander Pushkin” on the poet‘s personality, episodes of his life, personages of his works, as well as Markuchiai or the Literary museum of A.Pushkin in Vilnius had to be depicted. The aim of the contest is to interest pupils in the creative work and personality of one of the greatest poets of the world, to encourage them to take pride in the fact, that Lithuania, Vilnius is one of non-abundant places related with Pushkin‘s name not only by literary but also by biographical connections. The contest is very popular among Lithuanian pupils. Visitors of the museum are delighted with unlimited children‘s fantasy, inventiveness and talents.

The museum has close contacts of cultural collaboration with A. Pushkin‘s museums in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the Russian Literary Institute „Pushkinskyj Dom“ of the Academy of Sciences of Russia, the poet‘s museum in Michailovskoje, the Society of Admirers of the Poet A.Pushkin in Vilnius, the Societies of A. Pushkin in Riga and Tallinn, organisations of national minorities in Lithuania, the Embassy of Russian Federation, and other embassies. Great attention is paid to work with companies engaged in developing tourism.

We are waiting for your suggestions for collaboration on the phones (8-5) 2600080, 2600415, fax (8-5) 2600080, E-mail We will make every effort to realize the most interesting projects.

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