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The Literary museum of A.Pushkin is open for visiting on Wednesdays-Sundays from 10 to 17 h.

Orders can be placed and information obtained on: telephones (8-5) 2600080, 2601450, fax (8-5) 2600080, E-mail
We offer to visitors the possibilities:
To acquaint themselves with the exposition and acting exhibitions individually (without the museum’s guide)

Ticket prices:

  • for studying young people – 2 Lt*;
  • for adults – 4 lt*.
    *Prices of tickets may be changed.

To order conducted tours (with the museum‘s guide ‘)
Prices of the tours with the museum‘s guide:
for studying young people – 3 Lt**;
for adults:

  • a group of up to 10 people – 40 Lt**;
  • a group of more than 10 people – 40 Lt** and entrance tickets (4 Lt for a person) .
    ** Prices of tickets may be changed.

To order itinerant exhibitions and events travelling to other establishments
The museum has prepared and has the possibility to arrange the following itinerant exhibitions: “A.Pushkin’s life and creative work”, “A.Pushkin and Lithuania”, “A.Pushkin in pupils’ artistic works”,  “V.Pushkina’s drawings”, “Life at Markuchiai estate“, “Museums of A.Pushkin”, “A.Otto-Onegin museum in Paris”, “A.Pushkin in ex-librises”. We also offer lectures on the above-mentioned subjects and concerts prepared by the museum to those who are interested.

To acquaint themselves with the video films, collected in the museum

There is a 25 seat-room equipped to show video film at the museum. We offer our visitors to see feature  

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Subachiaus str. 124, Vilnius, LT-11345
Tel. / fax: 2600080

The museum is open for visitors:
Wednesday - Sunday
10 a.m to 5 p.m